Thursday, June 18, 2015

Experiencing God's Extraordinary Grace, Part 2

521 Day of Experiencing God’s Extraordinary Grace. 

I have been off FB for six weeks while recuperating from my third heart ablation in sixteen months.  I want to thank all of you for your prayers, cards, calls and so many acts of kindness during this last procedure.

You may not know but I was referred to Dr. John Burkhardt at the Texas Arrhythmia Center in Austin, Texas for treatment.  On May 8th I underwent the third ablation and from all indications this one was successful.  I was taken off one of my medications when I left the hospital and last Wednesday the one remaining heart medication was taken away.  I have been on heart medications (some of them were heavy duty) for over fifteen years.  No more heart meds.  Can I hear a ‘Praise the Lord’?  The only remaining medication is Eliquis and that is a blood thinner.  If everything goes as planned I will be taken off this med in November.  My heart has to heal completely before they will remove it. 

As of today, it has 521 days since the battle of my heart began.  You can go to my website and go to the very first post to read about the beginning of this journey.  It has indeed been a journey and God has been with me and continues to be with me as my guide and anchor.  He was Dr. Burkhardt’s guide when He stopped my heart from beating so they could find the source of the problem. Dr. Burkhardt told me he had never had that happen before.  I do know they gave me a pretty hard shock to re-start my heart because the burn marks were pretty bad. 

I have an appointment with my cardiologist in Little Rock tomorrow for my six week check-up and I am excited for him to see the EKG and listen to my new heart beat.  I know he will be as excited as we are.

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