Sunday, September 6, 2015

Wisdom Is......

Wednesday morning I was preparing the lecture for our ‘The Best Yes’ book study.  I wanted to use something different than what the leader section suggested, so I began looking.  The study for the week was about wisdom and I wanted to use “godly wisdom”.  I knew there was a passage in Exodus about when God gave Moses instructions on how to build the tabernacle he also told Moses that he had given two people the wisdom they needed for their task.  When in doubt on where to find a word I always go to the concordance in the back of my Bible.  I found ‘wisdom’ and immediately went over to the Book, Chapter and Verse.  It was there!  I knew it was Exodus but nothing was listed.

Then I heard that still small voice.  You know the one that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  The voice said “you are asking the wrong question”.  I was asking ‘Where is wisdom’ the correct question should have been ‘Wisdom is’.  The voice also told me to READ what the concordance said about wisdom.  This is what I discovered about the word WISDOM.


The justice that comes from appointing wise judges
What Solomon as God for
What we should ask God for
Having wisdom and knowing how to act upon it
Not limited by age
Found only in God
Comes from reading the Bible
What comes from listening
Takes effort to find and use it
A constant process of growth
What parents must encourage their children to strive for
You must decide to go after it
Wisdom is the opposite of foolishness
Tapping wisdom of the elderly
What comes from walking with God

We had a good time Wednesday night discussing knowledge and wisdom.  I wish everyone could have been there.  Have a blessed day in Jesus and enjoy your flowers on this rainy day.