Friday, April 17, 2015

Where is Your Promised Land?

I received the following devotional in an email from .  This is where I am in my life right now, this morning, today.  Some of you may be in the same place if you are rejoice in it.  If you are still on your journey, rejoice in it.  Enjoy the devotional and enjoy the flowers in your life.

Their toes were still in the sand of wilderness, but their eyes could finally see the Promised Land.
They knew it was for them.
Just waiting for the taking.
Are you in that place? You’ve prayed and longed for “it.” You’ve waited and waited. Now, all of a sudden, God has placed it in front of you.
I’ve become a little obsessed with the Israelites and their story, from slavery to wandering to being chosen to enter into the Promised Land. I’m sure you can identify, too, on some level.
I feel like our little family is on the edge of what God has planned for us. God has set the place in front of us.
I can identify with the Israelites’ excitement, fighting the fears and asking for forgiveness for all the grumbling I’ve done in the waiting.
I believe you and I have a Promised Land this side of heaven. You might name it your calling, your ministry, or your unique design. My Promised Land has even become a physical place.
I’ve seen the giants, the ones we have to fight. Sometimes it’s the sheer size of the project, the overwhelming need, the lack of time and energy. This place is occupied by things I don’t think I can overcome. Even though the Promised Land is always occupied by a real enemy, these “giants” are small in comparison to the true giants of faith.
“Don’t be afraid! The Lord your God is going before you. He will fight for you . . . like He did in Egypt.” {Deuteronomy 1:29}
Just like Jesus fought for you on the cross. Just like Jesus pursued you when you didn’t know Him and didn’t care to. Just like Jesus fought off the ugly voices, the difficult family relationship, the chains of whatever was weighing you down after you met Him. He will fight for you again. Now, on your behalf as you follow God into what He has for you. He has promised it to you. He has planted the desire in your heart, changing you in the process, preparing you for what “is right in front of you.”
I love how God fought for the Israelites when they left Egypt. They did nothing but grab their families and a few belongings and walked out of their chains and into freedom. There was no battle. They followed God out of the gates and into what could have been a special time with the Captain of the Lord’s Army.
Such a wonderful reminder for us to know we don’t have to work for it, fight for it, or wish for it. At the right and opportune time, usually when we least expect it, after a time of purification in the wilderness, God will bring us to the place He has promised.
Let’s cross through the waters and step foot in the Promised Land. He will take care of the rest for you.
Lord, I pray we have been transformed by the wilderness. Forgive us for complaining and griping about the path You took us to get here, the length of our journey and how we initially viewed the Promised Land You want us to occupy for You. Yes, this place You have prepared for us is about You, God, that we might give great care to Your kingdom and people. Silence the giants. Empower us with courage that can only come from the Holy Spirit. Free us from our current bondage and allow us to see Your vision clearly. Let us faith-fully step into possession of all You have promised. Let us continue this adventure guided by You, Lord. Give in abundance, provide all we need, and be the center of our lives in our Promised Land. Be magnified!


Frankie said...

Beautiful devotional about coming out of our "wilderness" into the Promised Land. Thank you for sharing, Betty. Praying you have a blessed day!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

My husband just got a job selling cars for a stellar auto (Christian) auto dealer. It's commission sales... so he's got to do really well. Trusting the one who brought him this position to bring him success.

Keeping you in our prayers. [[hugs]]

Unknown said...

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