Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Today's writing is what I refer to as a soul searcher. I have been doing a lot of soul searching in the past year and this is one thing that the Lord has revealed to me.
Am I Burdened for Others --
A few years ago, my oldest son, Scott, came by for a few minutes. When he was leaving he asked if we could pick up the boys after school. I told him I was leading a Beth Moore Bible study for the next 10 weeks. He then looked at me and said something that has bothered me since that day, he said, “you sound burdened about it”. My reply was simply that I wasn’t burdened and I was just busy making dinner.
I have not forgotten his comment and it really got me to thinking yesterday as I studied and made the last minute preparations for the final lesson of “The Best Yes”. Why am I not burdened? Why am I not burdened for more of our women to attend Bible studies, Sunday School, Sunday night worship , Wednesday night Prayer Meeting, and all the other activities that are offered at our church? Am I too complacent with the non-response of others in our church and just accept that they are not interested in attending. Do they not want to grow in their walk with the Lord? Do they not want to grow spiritually and emotionally in the Lord?
Then I looked at myself – this is where the tough part comes in. Why do I choose not to come on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights unless I am taking/teaching a Bible study class? The first part of the previous sentence answers that question. I choose not to come, I want my will not the Lord’s will for my life. I am burdened for the choices I am making and want to do better and commit myself to this as of today.
Then there are the others that I should be burdened for. Our Sunday School class is a good place to begin. There are some of the best prayer warriors ever in our class but are they coming on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights? I really don't know because I choose not to come. Are they making the same choices I have made and just not coming? I can sit here all day and ask if it is apathy, poor choices, busy lives and a multitude of other excuses. I don’t know what is going on in the lives of our members but God does. How sad it must make Him when we give Him an hour to an hour and a half each week to truly worship Him as our Savior and Lord.
This isn’t just in our church but in churches everywhere. Are there any others who are burdened for our members other than the staff? I am only one person, one believer with a new found burden for the people of our church – particularly the women. How can we be Titus 2 Examples if we are not doing what we are supposed to do?
You will see a new person in me from now on. One who is burdened for her church and particularly for the women of her church. Please pray for me because this will be new ground for me to walk. The Lord has blessed me far beyond measure in the past year and I am making a commitment to serving my Lord wherever and whenever He directs. He has already given me direction and I am trying to keep up with Him.
This girl knows that God is in control. What choices are you making? Have a blessed day and enjoy the flowers.

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