Thursday, July 9, 2015

Staying in God's Will

This morning as I went through my email and now scanning FB, I have noticed a lot of people are posting verses asking God to help them to do His will in their lives.  I don't know how many Bible verses there are about doing God's will but I imagine there is a great number.

This is probably one of the most difficult things to accomplish in our everyday life.  We leave our home in the morning on fire for the Lord and ready to tackle anything that can possibly come our way.  After all we did ask God to help us find and do His will.  Maybe we should be asking Him to "Keep" us in His will. When we walk out the door of our home we will be constantly bombarded with worldly ways and some are presented to us in such a way it is easy to just say yes and forget about our talk with God.  I am guilty of having the best intentions of remaining in God's will but I become distracted and easily enticed through out the day.

If you think it would be easier to remain in God's will if you stayed home 24/7 you would be wrong.  God tells us in Matthew 28:19 to go out (out of your comfort zone) and make disciples of all nations,..  His commands are His will for our life.

Begin today to sincerely pray that God will keep you in His will as you go out into the world.  Don't forget to put on your armor you will need it to make it through the day.

Enjoy your flowers and enjoy your new found life in the will of God.

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